About Test Valley Gin

Handcrafted, herb-infused Small Batch Gin

Each bottle is completely

handcrafted by me

Test Valley Gin launched in February 2017. Prior to that my experience of gin was mostly drinking it. As a teacher and a parent gin was a major part of my life and growing up with my mum’s home made sloe gin the step to making it myself didn’t seem so big!

The idea began with my darling husband, who always fancied ‘doing something’ with gin. But not drinking spirits himself the task fell to me and I graciously took the challenge.

Test Valley Gin started its life in jam jars in the kitchen as I trialled difference flavours until I found the ones I was really happy with. Then with some gentle persuasion I managed to talk my granddad into letting me use his old home office in his garden and the rest is history!

I do absolutely everything myself, by hand. My mum grows the herbs, I infuse them, bottle, label, seal and deliver every single bottle. It is a labour of love and I’m really thrilled that people actually really enjoy my gin!

Thank you so much for reading my story. Please feel free to contact me with any comments about my gin and feel free to buy as many bottles as you like!



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